Faith, Hope, Love

I had a small pain flare up recently and three words kept popping into my head: faith, hope and love. It took me a few days to realize that these principles have always helped me move through my pain. If you are hurting, perhaps these principles will help you too.

Faith: Consider that this pain or adversity is not just random torture; it is a part of a bigger picture. Have faith that this experience has purpose and meaning.

Hope: Remember that life flows and changes over time, and that life always has peaks and valleys. Have hope that “this too shall pass”.

Love: Use the pain as a reminder to be accepting and compassionate with yourself, to love yourself fiercely. The more you love yourself, the more it flows to everyone around you too, dissolving hurt and resentment that you may hold inside.

Once again, I am reminded that it is through our brokenness that we become whole.
With these ideas in mind, my body quieted and the pain level dropped.