Healing The World

2014-03-08 14.11.31 HDRA  friend recently told me in a hushed tone that her son was starting psychotherapy and confided that he would be embarrassed if anyone knew about it. But for me, this was good news. We all have our unique combination of crazy, and you can’t get through life without being a bit broken. It is exciting to hear that someone is starting to look at what he/she is carrying because through this process they may experience less suffering and more joy.

I am also grateful when people choose this path because when one person decides to heal, it often shifts the experience of others. This was true for me, and recently my son told me that his experience in our family and in his life changed for the better after I started to work through my issues. The Dali Lama made this exact point when I heard him speak a few years ago on the topic of secular ethics. He said that change starts within the individual and then progressively flows to the family, the community, the country, and the world.

It can be difficult to honestly look within. In these times, remember that when you work to heal yourself, you are also working to heal the world.