The Body Speaks

IMG_0146I met Ana, a young photographer, at a beautiful beach-side resort and we spent the morning strolling around shooting author pictures.

When I told her that my life was now very quiet, she confided that her life had a manic pace, and she needed to stop running around so much. A bit later, she told me that her sister died two weeks before from liver cancer, and it was shocking because she was in her twenties and had lived a very clean life. When we walked up the steps near the beach she commented that her legs were tired and sore.

An hour later, I mentioned that I had just seen a TED talk by Dr. Lissa Rankin where she described how suppressed emotion could cause internal stress and compromise health. Manda replied, “I’ve been trying to exercise to relieve some of the stress, but I’m just so tired. I usually jog about three miles, but last night I could only walk, and today my legs feel like I ran a marathon.”

“Your body knows. What do you think it’s telling you?”

“Stop running.”

On some level, Ana already knew what she needed to do to heal, and now she was listening.