Everything Strange Is Not Pathology

A few years ago, I joined a discussion group that shared information that pertained to reality beyond what one could pick up with the five senses. People brought in information from science, religion and personal experience, so one week I shared my experience with spontaneous movements often referred to as “unwinding”. (See “unwinding” blog post for a description).

When I finished speaking, a woman frowned at me and said, “A few years ago, whenever I saw pizza it smelled like popcorn. I went to the doctor and found out I had a brain tumor.”
“Are you suggesting I get an MRI?” I asked.

I understood this woman’s viewpoint, because before my illness I would have written off many of my experiences as an alteration in the brain due to the chronic pain, depression, or the side effect of some medication. I still don’t have concrete explanations for these happenings. But for me they are real and related to my personal healing, and not just a sign of pathology.

After one doctor heard about some of my experiences, she commented that it was important to first rule out that the changes weren’t happening because of some disease process, and then you could entertain that it was related to something more.

Over the years, these happenings gradually shifted my perspective and I began to accept them as real, meaningful and related to my healing. I learned that everything strange is not pathology.