Going with the Flow

13006_474828765911174_1995764747_nI was going through a stressful time, and my pain condition was starting to ramp up again. My life coach, Iben, encouraged me to go to the ocean. She said that I could fill up my internal reserves and connect with God/the Universe in nature and especially at the ocean.

The minute I sat down in the sand, tears poured out. After about fifteen minutes my emotions calmed, and I said out loud, “Show me how to move forward here.”

Immediately I noticed a flock of mini sandpipers. They ran in as the waves retreated, and ran out just ahead of the rush of water, and all the time they poked their beaks in trying to get a meal. Then I noticed another flock of birds flying above the crashing waves and thought, “I need to be above it all, just like those birds.”

Then I realized that it wasn’t two separate flocks, and the same birds were both soaring and scrambling. And when the birds were on the ground, they never got tumbled up in the waves.

Those birds were my teacher that day.  I realized that I can view my life from a  higher perspective and then drop down to participate in my life- messy as it is.  And while I was down here trying to get my needs met, I could avoid getting tumbled up in the chaos by staying in tune with the nature around me and going with the flow.

Photo by: Mariane Gabriel