Ten Healing Thoughts

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the book/website- here are ten healing thoughts which were posted on Facebook this past year. Did you miss any?



1. What you create is a unique expression of you. It doesn’t need to be validated by the world in order to be true, valuable and right.






2. Thinking you’ve “arrived” really limits how far you can go. It is the recognition of the unknown that opens up the possibility of experiencing it.






3. We often have no idea how broken we are until we start fixing ourselves.






4. When it gets really windy in life, stay grounded and go with the flow.





5. I recently heard these song lyrics…”We will get there. Heaven knows how we will get there. But we know we will.” Believing you can be better helps you get there.






6. When the path seems unclear, have faith that you are still moving forward.






7. When times get tough, consider switching your perspective of yourself and others from “problems to manage” to “people to love.”





8. Compassion is all about connection and equality. It is moving from feeling “for” someone to feeling “with” them.




9. What is intimacy? Iben Larssen, my life coach on this journey to wellness, once described intimacy as: “into me you see”. As we heal, we gradually and gently inch toward intimacy.




10. Personal growth is like a pulsating rhythm- constriction becomes expansion, and when this new point feels tight and restrictive it breaks open and expands once again. This growth pulses ever outward- pushing the boundary of what IS to become what is possible.


Photo credits: 1- Mariane Gabriel; 3,4- Kelly Hughes; 5-Tom Heimerman; 8,10- Mary Clare Carlson