Taming the Tiger

imageArtwork by: Alana Alley

It has been a long time since I’ve been flared up… but here I am. With some help, I am now clear on the situation and the thoughts/emotions that are creating my stress. But beyond this detail… at a root level this stress is really fear.

This animal part of me wants to be safe and survive, and my body alarms are going off. For some of us sensitive souls and especially those of us who have experienced quite a bit of trauma in our lives, these alarms get triggered easily. Perhaps they even stay on at a low level just to make sure we are going to be okay.

At times, this fear has been out of proportion to the danger at hand and it has created stress, inflammation and pain in my body.

There is a part of me that understands that when I turn my thoughts from fear to love- both my body and mind can settle in a peaceful place. But when I’m really stressed another part of me shouts, “How can you talk about love? It feels like I’m running from a tiger!”

Then the peaceful voice chimes in again, “Look again. Sometimes that tiger has been created by your mind. Take a breath. You are safe.”