My Top Pain Management Strategies








For those with chronic pelvic pain…here are the top six ways I manage my pain condition and deal with flare-ups when they occur:
1. Myofascial release techniques to affected areas in physical therapy and on my own.
2. Meditative activities that focus on the body such as diaphragmatic breathing, progressive relaxation meditation and yoga.
3. Reiki/ energy work: Treatment from therapists and on my own every day.
4. Introspection: Acknowledging my stress and looking within to determine thoughts/behaviors/emotions that may be contributing to a ramp up of my nervous system.
5. Singing (without restraint): This activity releases emotion and diaphragmatic breathing relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.
6. Activities that bring joy. For me this is visiting with friends, sitting at the ocean, and petting the neighborhood cat.