Willie the Healer

IMG_0131Willie showed up as a stray over ten years ago and was adopted by my neighbor four doors down.  He’s not particularily attached to me and when I pass him on my daily walk, he barely acknowledges me. But even with this cool reception, I still feel lots of love for him because when I was hurting he made a big effort to help me.

One morning as I stepped into the garage, the pain and tension in my pelvic floor area reared up, and I decided to sit on my heels and curl my body forward. I learned this position in yoga (child’s pose) and sometimes it helped to relieve the pain. While I was down there with my head close to the cement I heard Willie come into the garage. He put his head on mine and moved his paws with a rhythmical kneading motion and mewed and purred. I just let him do his thing. After several minutes, he stopped and I stood up, and the pain had dropped.

Then one afternoon, I was in my yard taking out the trash cans when the pain and tension in my low back and pelvis rose up. I squatted down next to the trashcan hoping to relax the area, and Willie showed up immediately and placed his body across my low back.

During the years when I was hurting, I often sat on my front porch in the dark and looked up at the stars. After a few minutes I would hear Willy mewing and it would get louder and louder as he made his way down the street with his paws sounding like a faint drumbeat on the sidewalk. As we sat together under the moonlight I often felt my body relax in his company.

Part of my healing process was to recognize that love was flowing around me all the time, and often where I least expected it. Willie was one of my first teachers. One night as we were sitting in the dark a thought popped into my head, “Let him love you.” And I did.