About the Book


Before chronic pelvic pain threw me off-track at age forty-five, I was busy and productive, and ideas about spirituality and the mind-body-spirit connection never really entered my mind. But when the pain took hold and wouldn’t let go, I was forced to step out of my life for more than five years to pursue all sorts of healing avenues and to look deeply within. Much to my surprise, the suffering was actually a gift. It opened up an opportunity for growth and led to deep healing at all levels of my person.

For me, the catalyst for positive personal change was chronic, intense pelvic pain. For you, the catalyst may be another form of chronic physical pain, or psychological pain, or some other struggle. Although different catalysts may start the process, transformation often involves the same unfolding of the layers of body, mind, and spirit and the same gradual healing through these layers.

I wrote this book with the hope that my experiences will provide connection, support, guidance, and hope to others on their own healing journeys.