For Readers in Pain


Before I would even start reading someone else’s story, I’d want to know, Did he or she get better? So I’ll answer that question right off the bat: Yes! I did get better. And in this book you will find the advice and methods that helped me to heal physically. As I worked through the pain, I realized that some of my skills as a physical therapist and teacher enabled me look at my condition in an analytical way and to communicate effectively with members of my care team. In order to get better, I pursued a wide variety of healing avenues from Western, Eastern, and alternative medicines, and I was incredibly fortunate to work with a group of very experienced and skilled professionals. One of the biggest reasons I felt compelled to write this book was to share their helpful wisdom with others who are in pain. Although my pain is centered in the pelvic region, the information in this book may be helpful for others with different chronic pain conditions, especially those that are also multi-factorial and complicated, like fibromyalgia.