Client Testimonials

February 14, 2015
Dear Mary Ruth,
Thank you so Very Much for yesterday’s session. I feel better today – in several ways – and slept very well last night. You have been a godsend. Truly, I cannot thank you enough for your generous gift of time and talent. KR

March 5, 2015
Dear Mary Ruth,
When you first examined my feet, the pain memory was on red alert after multiple bone surgeries. I was surprised you were even able to touch me with out me screaming and pulling away as I usually do. You were so kind and gentle, examining slowly while talking to my foot. My body heard you and easily relaxed.

By the end of your treatment, I was mellow all over. No fear, no pain, total deep trust in you and your intuitive and knowledgeable healing touch.
When the treatment was complete, and I stood up from the table, I felt free for the first time in years. I was walking tall, straight, bending a foot that has not been able to bend and no longer walking crippled with a foot out to the right, but a foot that is straight ahead. My spine and hips were straight, I was laughing in pure amazement.

The treatment is holding. Mary Ruth you are beyond talented. I have no language to describe how profoundly grateful I am. THANK YOU.
Rhona Jordan, C.GIt, C.CHT
Guided Imagery Therapist
Medical and Dental Clinical Hypnosis Therapist