Pelvic Pain Treatments

What follows is a list of all the treatments I undertook to heal my pain, which are described in greater detail throughout the book.

If you are despairing at the length of this list, keep in mind that the process I went through to heal my body is unique to me. There are many different medical issues and treatments for chronic pelvic pain, and the combination of these will be different for every person. I am sharing my experiences to give you ideas to consider, options to try, and things to discuss with your caregivers.

Bladder Pain and Inflammation
• Medications
– Elmiron®: Orally administered heparin to coat the inner lining of the bladder

• Diet/Supplements
– Chinese herbs
– Pre-Relief®: Over-the-counter medication taken prior to eating acidic foods
– Low acid IC diet: To decrease irritation of inner walls of the bladder
– Anti-inflammatory diet

• Instillations: Medication placed into bladder with a catheter
– DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide): An older, traditional medication for IC
– Heparin: In combination with a steroid and anesthetic

• Physical Therapy Modalities
– Microcurrent electrical stimulation
– Cold laser

• Bladder Pain Relievers
– Pyridium® or Urelle®: Prescription medications taken orally; bladder anesthetics
– Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
– Heating pad or Thermacare® warm pack: Placed over the lower abdomen
– Warm bath or whirlpool

Pelvic Floor Myopathy/Myalgia
• Physical therapy
• Massage therapy
• Home program: Internal and external pelvic muscle work
• Warm or hot whirlpool
• Paradoxical relaxation meditation
• Deep diaphragmatic breathing
• Hatha yoga, especially long-held poses that stretch the low back, hip, and pelvic area (i.e., yin yoga)
• Baclofen® or Valium® suppositories
• Trigger point injections of anesthetic (Marcaine® and lidocaine)

Neurological Ramp-Up and Emotions
• Cymbalta®
• Aerobic exercise to help get the circulation and endorphins moving
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Acupuncture
• Psychotherapy
• Reiki/energy work
• Multi-dimensional life coaching
• Myofascial Release treatment