Holistic Bodywork

What is Holistic Bodywork?
Holistic Bodywork is a general term describing hands-on techniques that are complementary to traditional physical therapy. The foundation of this type of work is that we all have an inherent capability to heal ourselves and aid each other in healing. In general, holistic bodywork is very calming for the nervous system, which helps to move the body from the fight/flight mode and sympathetic nervous system activation to the counter balancing relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is postulated that the body’s innate self-repair mechanisms are most effective in this relaxed state.

Reiki/Energy Work
The rationale for Reiki is that Universal energy moves through the body of the Reiki practitioner and through their hands to another person for healing. This energy is seen to accelerate the natural healing process. I think we all have this inherent capability, but many of us do not perceive it. Before my illness, I did not consider there was anything more to the physical body than its physical structure. However, as I went through my healing journey and practiced with clients, my ability to pick up on more subtle changes in the body increased.

CranioSacral therapy and Myofascial Release approaches both combine work at the structural level of the body with an awareness of this subtle, energetic flow in the body, and an appreciation of the inter-connection between the body, mind and spirit.

Fascia is the collagenous (elastic) connective tissue that envelops all our internal structures, providing support and separation for the structures and decreasing the friction between them, which is necessary for movement. It is postulated that past trauma—like surgery, physical injuries, and even unexpressed psychological trauma—can create restrictions in the fascia, which eventually can lead to abnormal stresses and ultimately to pain and dysfunction. Applying tension to the fascia at one part of the body can affect remote body sites because the fascia throughout the body is all connected. As the body responds to this light work, there are often signs that the person is releasing tension at the body level such as increased blood flow, softening and lengthening of the tissue, spontaneous movements, and occasionally the release of emotions.

Who Can Benefit from Holistic Bodywork?
People who are open to a holistic approach to healing physical pain.
People who could benefit from a gentle treatment approach.
People actively involved in a personal growth who want to work with their physical and/or emotional symptoms in the context of that healing process.